Our Services

We are specialist in Industrial machine Lubrication, Full Conveyor Maintenance, Energy (Stream,water and air) Loss Prevention Maintenance.

Supplier of Industrial Materials

We are Stockist & Suppliers of Industrial Materials for food & raw materials Industries.

Fabrication & Installation Specialist

We install Oil/Grease Lubrication Points/Panel on Industrial Machines. We also provide water & Air Hoses as well as FABRICATE brake pads for industrial machines.

Conveyor Maintenance Specialist

We Specialize in maintaining Conveyor Chains/Belts.

Lubrication Specialist

We are specialist at lubricating Industrial machines with appropriate lubricant depending on the machine.

Steam,Water & Air Leakage Maintenance Specialist

Energy Conserving is a key to every firm sustainability. We are specialist at maintain Steam Water and AirLeakages.

Safety Specialist

It is of paramount importance that all our activities are executed in a way such that the safety of SOJON and her employees are safe guarded.We are currently four(4) times WINNER of the Nigeria Brewery Safety Award (Lagos).

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